Reach millions of active travel searchers in their search and booking phase!

Thanks to our partnership with the world’s leading data-driven travel advertising platform, we can engage travellers globally with an 85% reach of global travel intent.

We can leverage the unique first party data provided by 3.8 billion travel transactions every day (700+ airlines, 350+ airports, 550,000+ hotel properties, 37,000+ car rental locations…) to make sure that we help you reach the right targeted audience across all the phases of their traveller journey.

We can leverage a Premium Publisher Network of more than 500 travel publishers, including online travel agencies, metasearch sites and travel sites, who publish third-party content in the form of native advertising. Moreover, we can access more than 750 travel specific private market place deals with the biggest publishers, as a base for data-driven display advertising in all IAB formats on desktop, mobile and video.

We can target travellers like no one else on the market offering also contextual native ads.

We leverage machine learning to identify when people search for trips, when they book and above all, when it makes sense to show them offers.

We optimize advertising across the entire traveller journey, identify and create new audiences, and increase our advertisers reach, relevance and booking volumes.


Reach specific Travelers Custom audiences !

Every advertiser has similar challenges, but defines his target group differently. There are countless ways to categorize luxury, business or leisure travellers.

We can create audiences specifically designed for your advertising goals such as for example: Europeans who have booked their flight to Dubai, American people who are looking to travel to South Africa…

We offer you more than ready made cookie pools. We enable you to pick a traveller segment out of many tens of millions of unique users, adjust it to your own targeting needs, and present your offering to your customized travel audience.

Whether you want to increase brand awareness, promote new offers or wish to boost your performance, our travel advertising platform creates these audiences specifically designed for your advertising goals.

Define the right audience and target them when they intent to travel. This is where having a unique data layer, enable us to be highly relevant contextually. Targeting people who are really interested to travel to specific destinations will guaranty and optimization of your media spending.

We can use all the richness of offline data and historic data and combine it with an existing extremely vast cookie pool of travellers.