Lock-Screen Advertising


Lock-Screen Advertising: The new Frontier of Mobile Advertising

Did you know that a user looks at his or her mobile lockscreen at least 60 times a day? That means every 11 minutes they will naturally see personalized content and ads on the mobile’s first screen, which allows advertisers to boost ad efficiency to the fullest.

On Huawei and Honor smartphones, a new screen image appears every time you wake up your phone. Time has come for advertisers to own the lock-screen…

We enable advertisers to maximize their brand exposure through eye-grabbing full screen display ads.  They can raise brand awareness on the homescreen, the most intimate and frequently accessed screen.

Lock-screen advertising is the most natural and intuitive way to effectively advertise on mobile. Advertisers can take advantage of this high impact full screen ad unit on premium mobile real estate. Premium, stand-alone placement on a device without the clutter of multiple ads appearing on the same page, your brand makes its home on the homescreen of users’ smartphones

Gain broad exposure to over 10 million daily active users in MENA. We can target any specific country of you choice (e.g UAE, KSA, Jordan, Iraq, Pakistan…)

Our lock-screen mobile ads can contain a link after a 2-step interaction process that can redirect people to your website or landing page.