Dubai Airport Taxi Screens

The first touch point to Dubai, the city where Tourists spend more than any other city in the world !

Dubai attracted the most consumption by tourists for the third year in a row, with a $537 daily spend, according to Mastercard’s Global Destination Cities Index 2018, which assessed 162 cities. Dubai recorded the highest international overnight visitor spend in 2017 with tourists shelling out $29.7 billion.

The first touch point for millions of tourists in Dubai as soon as they leave the airport arrival will be Dubai Airport Taxis Screens. Expose your brand to a captive audience of in-bound leisure tourists, business travellers and UAE residents across more than 500 Dubai Airport Taxis Screens. Reach various audiences between our 114 Limousines Taxis (Lexus & Infiniti cars) and our 400 standard Taxis fleet.

Advertisers can extend the reach of their ad spot by utilizing these smart screens to reach a qualified, captive audience with dynamic and interactive capabilities. Linked to the taxi meter, the screen will be active only when a paying passenger is on board. These taxis are driving only between Dubai airport terminals and the city so advertisers have a guaranty of reaching 100% in-bound traffic.


Connected & Interactive Video Screens :

Dubai Airport Taxis 10 inch headrest-mounted touchscreens provide more than 20 minutes on average of captive environment to showcase your brand with guaranteed Pay Per Play ads that are 100% viewable by engaged customers

These screens are online and connected.  This effort is in line with Dubai Government strategy to make Dubai the smartest city in the world, and wholly embodies the Smart Dubai strategy.

Advertisers can extend consumer engagement to smartphones via QR code activation to deliver rich media content, app downloads, downloadable coupons…

In terms of scale we are able to reach 50,000 passengers per day, 1.6 million per month and 15 million per year.


Expose your brand with the maximum impact

The exclusive opportunity to reach people as soon as they arrive in Dubai is a valuable proposition with regards to your brand being top of mind, creating brand awareness and also instigating user action such as downloading an app, filling out a lead page, collecting CRM data, providing a redeemable coupon to store or even purchasing tickets.

We offer various formats: 15 and 30 sec videos, leader board banner ad and icon (both clickable to your website or to an image slideshow).

Dubai Airport Taxi Interactive Screens are an extremely flexible platform with regards to the content you can present and gives your brand a highly engaging opportunity to make an important and timely impression with in bound traffic arriving in Dubai.