Boost your Android App Download with AppGallery!

AppGallery is Huawei’s official Android application distribution platform. Millions of active users access AppGallery on their Huawei and Honor devices to search, download, manage and share mobile apps.

AppGallery provides app distribution service in 178 countries and regions globally.

AppGallery is a safe environment which provides curated, selected and diversified apps across many categories. Register your mobile app on AppGallery and start making downloads.

What is a CPD or CPI campaign and why is it important?

With Cost Per Download (CPD) or Cost Per Install (CPI), the app developer / advertiser will only spend his advertising budget on a model where a CPD fee will be charge once its app is successfully installed by an end-user.

Manageable budget

Iconiction will set together with you a daily budget limit according to your needs. When your budget will be spent (account balance is insufficient), the system will suspend the promotion until you pay additional budget.

Huawei system will automatically display your app at appropriate slots and provide organic and promotion data for analysis.

Simple pricing model, maximum promotion effect

As a registered agency, Iconiction will work closely with the Huawei team to see if additional marketing visibility could be activated.  

How to Register your App on AppGallery?

Follow the links and instructions below. Then, you can contact us at for the next steps…

Registration link / APK uploading link:
Registration guide:
APK uploading guide :